Giving Back

Millbrae Education Foundation Premier Real Estate Sponsor

Millbrae is my home and I make it a practice to give back to my community. To that end, I have a special relationship with the Millbrae Education Foundation. As its Premier Real Estate Sponsor, I have made a pledge to support MEF as part of my business. All a potential client has to say is “I hear you are the MEF REALTOR®” when they contact me, and if they choose me as their agent, I will make a donation to MEF after the close of the transaction.

The property can be anywhere, not just in Millbrae, and it can be a purchase or a sale. Fellow supporters of MEF can share this offer with their friends, family, and co-workers—anyone that is looking for a trusted agent and would like the added benefit of supporting an outstanding organization that is having a huge, positive impact on Millbrae’s students and future!

Please contact me for full details.

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